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Eagerly awaited, A new & improved blend of Synthacaine. The recently banned product of MPA has now been replaced with the very poular 3-FPM.

As opposed to most research materials offered in our stock which are simple chemical compounds, Synthacaine is actually a sophisticated mixture of several chemicals with complimentary chemical properties, offering enticing possibilities for utilization of advanced researching techniques. Consisting of several compounds that are popular research materials in their own right, this chemical concoction presents a unique challenge for study under laboratory conditions, for example in gas chromatography-mass spectrometry experiments.

Customers who decide to buy Synthacaine from our online store can be absolutely certain they will receive only chemical materials that have been tested for purity and safety by qualified professionals. Our specific formula for Synthacaine is designed to be in compliance with all international regulations, so instead of dimethocaine and other similar chemicals used by some vendors, we use our own blend of “-caine” substances that we keep protected as our trade secret. Laboratory study has clearly demonstrated that Synthacaine from our labs is more than useful as a research material, exhibiting some serious potential for anesthetic and stimulant action.

Any purchase of synthacaine from our stock is limited to genuine scientific in vitro study of synthacaine effects and properties by trained individuals using proper equipment. Please note that in vivo research is strictly prohibited under any circumstances and that additional local or international laws may be regulating handling and possession of synthacaine and its constituent chemicals, as well as similar research materials.

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