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Nexecaine Constant changes of regulations in various parts of the world are fuelling the evolution of research chemicals, prompting development of new materials that can meet current standards. We always want to be among the first to introduce new products, and that’s why we are launching our patented new mixture under the name Nexecaine. This mixture contains only legal ingredients and is very convenient to work with, providing stable and consistent results on standard laboratory tests designed to measure chemical and physical properties. Exact composition of the mixture is a trade secret, which is why we can’t make any chemical data about Nexecaine public at this time. It is primarily intended for researchers specializing in monoamine neurotransmitter studies, especially those interested to learn about chemical interactions with dopamine transporter molecules. As such, Nexecaine can be a viable research replacement for various stimulants that may be restricted in some locations. Integrity and high purity of Nexecaine obtained from our website are guaranteed, since all samples are meticulously tested before delivery. Our standard policies limit the scope of testing with Nexecaine to in vitro laboratory experiments, and it is highly recommended to observe all safety procedures typical for chemical research. Any other use would represent a violation of our terms of use and possibly other regulations, while it could also represent a health hazard. Please respect the aforementioned limitations, take precautions to avoid any contact of Nexecaine with living tissues during the experiment at any cost and seek immediate medical attention if it occurs unintentionally.

Chemical Data

Full Chemical name: Nexecaine
Systematic IUPAC name: not available
CAS Number: not available
ChemSpider number: not available
Chemical formula: not available
Molecular mass: not available