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Experienced researchers know very well that substituted cathinones offer great potentials for scientific study and remain on the lookout for new products from this category. The latest addition to our chemical stock is N-ethyl-hexedrone, a substance that closely mimics the properties of some currently unavailable research agents. The substance can be defined as a CNS stimulant, although analogies with similar compounds (Pentedrone, a-PVP) indicate a possible anesthetic function as well. N-ethyl-hexedrone is believed to display very high affinity for dopamine transporter molecules and moderate level of activity on norepinephrine, with speculated interaction with the serotonin tract as well. 

First synthesized in 2011, N-ethyl-hexedrone is still not well-known in the research community, and is commonly referred to by a number of abbreviated names such as ethyl-hex, HEX-EN, or NEH, which could be a cause of some confusion regarding its identity. Full IUPAC designation of this compound is defined as 2-(ethylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one, while its simple molecular formula is C14ClH22NO. Molecular mass measures at 255.8 g/mol, while purity of the average sample purchased from our online store is higher than 98%. Arriving in the form of white crystalline powder, N-ethyl-hexedrone is stable and water-soluble on room temperature.

Since N-ethyl-hexedrone is not a restricted substance in most jurisdictions, customers from around the world are able to place an order for this chemical agent from our website. Please note that all chemical products we stock are approved only for professional laboratory study and that human consumption is strictly prohibited by our terms and conditions. All standard lab safety precautions should be applied when working with chemical products, including good ventilation and well-isolated storage space.

Chemical Data

Full Chemical name: N-ethyl-hexedrone
Systematic IUPAC name: 2-(ethylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one
CAS Number: not available
ChemSpider number: not available
Chemical formula: C14ClH22NO
Molecular mass: 255.8 g/mol