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In a bid to keep its offer updated at all times, EuroChemicals online store is introducing a new synthetic cannabinoid that has just recently been synthesized. FUB-AKB48 is an indazole-based compound, known also as FUB-APINACA or simply AKB48, that displays some chemical properties that could pique the interest of researchers working in this field. The chemical is basically analogous to a couple of other substances from indazole group, such as APINACA and 5F-APINACA and is believed to share the potential for neuro-synaptic regulation with its relatives, including very high affinity for central cannabinoid receptors (CB1). The main structural difference is that FUB-AKB48 has a fluorobenzyl group substituted in the place of a pentyl chain, a feature it shares with another popular cannabinoid, AB-FUBINACA.

Formal name of this substance is 1-(4-fluorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxylic acid adamantan-1-ylamide, while its chemical formula is C25H26FN3O and the molecular mass of FUB-AKB48 weighs in at 403.5 g/mol. EuroChemicals store offers reliable and secure delivery of FUB-APINACA is the form of a crystalline solid, with integrity and high purity of the product guaranteed. The substance has not yet been extensively tested at this point, so researchers are advised to display extraordinary care when designing experiments with this reagent.


Please note that FUB-AKB48 and other products available at our website are approved only for in vitro laboratory use and that any contact with humans or animals should be avoided. International buyers are responsible for consulting legal status of ordered chemicals in the destination countries and agree to observe standard safety precautions when storing or handling research products purchased from EuroChemicals.

Chemical Data

Nombre Químico Completo: FUB-AKB48

Nombre sistemático IUPAC: N/A
Número CAS: N/A 
Número ChemSpider: N/A

Fórmula Molecular: N/A
Masa Molecular: N/A