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Our stock of chemically pure diphenidine has recently been a popular target of sharp-minded researchers on a quest to understand its chemical properties. While it is chemically not one of arycyclohexylamines, this research material is reported to exhibit many similar traits to methoxetamine and N-ethyl-ketamine. Compounds from this group have been proven to act as NMDA receptor channel blockers along with the resulting dissociative and anesthetic action, which is also what lab research suggests that diphenidine effects would look like. To satisfy popular demand from around the globe, our online store offers the possibility to buy diphenidine from a certified source, with a full guarantee of purity.

It should be kept in mind that diphenidine has just arrived on the research chemical market, so extreme caution is recommended when handling this substance. It can be found under systematic name 1-(1,2-Dyphenylethyl)piperdine and is a piperdine analogue of lefitamine. Its molecular mass is 301.85356 g/mol and its molecular formula can be summarized as C19H24CIN. While little is known about the actual diphenidine pharmacology, its chemical structure appears to support its possible role as a dopamine reuptake agent. The substance is available in our stock in powder form, which was confirmed to be suitable for storage and handling.

As a legal substitute for popular research materials such as methoxetamine (MXE), diphenidine is quickly becoming a household name in the world of Research Chemicals. Researchers from around the world can purchase diphenidine powder from us, with strict stipulation that it must be exclusively used for conducting controlled in vitro (outside of organism) experiments. The substance is not suitable for human consumption and must be treated as sensitive scientific material.

Chemical Data

Full Chemical Name: Diphenidine
Systematic IUPAC Name: 1-(1,2-Diphenylethyl)piperidine
CAS Number: 28383-15-5
ChemSpider Number: 179031
Molecular Formula: C19H24ClN
Molecular Mass: 301.85356 g/mol