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Phenethylamines have been around for quite some time. First globally recognized and sensationalized in Alexander Shulgins experiments, this stimulant class of compound has seen many derivatives. One of the most popular being 4-MMC or more commonly known as Mephedrone. Since 4-MMC was banned in most countries, the research chemical industry has recently acquired 3-MMC (AKA 4-methylmethcathinone or 3-methylephedrone). This newer version was first discussed many years ago in the scientific literature, however, it has become available to laboratories as of late.

As a member of the cathinone and phenethylamine class, 3-MMC would presumably share many of the same in vitro attributes, with binding affinities for similar monoamine transporter proteins. Namely, dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. This would give it some entactogen and general stimulant properties, much like its older cousin Mephedrone. 

Being chemically similar to 4-MMC many have hypothesized a close resemblance in binding affinity for the DAT, SERT and NET transporters. However, due to its relatively unknown scientific profile, it’s still in its chemical infancy with regards to receptor binding affinity and efficacy. Laboratories must be well equipped and knowledgeable in the field of phenethylamine compound studies. 

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